Looking for YOUTH leaders for WKM Sri Lanka.


WKM Youth Ambassadors

Basic Theme

COVID-19 has changed the world. Over 200 countries and territories have registered corona cases, and the entire world is buzzing with uncertainty and fear. No doubt, there are devastating effects of the virus on both individual and collective economies along with increasing physical and mental impacts of the pandemic on the vast majority of the world population.

Having said this, there are certain advantages of the pandemic which have never been seen in the recent past eg : On the environment and on individual reflections on life’s purpose among others. The paradox is on one hand the coronavirus is a threat to the entire world and on the other hand it represents a unifying force.

The World Kindness Movement (WKM) joins other visionaries in helping make the pandemic a source of human unity and plans to develop youth Kindness Ambassadors in directing world youth towards peace, environmental conservation and kindness.

The plan:

1. The National Kindness Peak Representative body of the World Kindness Movement will select two National Youth Ambassadors from their nationwide educational institutes and or workplaces and invite them to the regional forums and meetings to be arranged from time to time.

2. They will firstly join the next online meeting of the WKM- Region of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia , Sri Lanka and India and form a regional youth forum whose aim is help WKM in its mission of spreading Kindness among youth in their own countries and in the world at large. This will be held in the first week of July 2020.

3. The WKM national Youth Leaders will brainstorm 3 core issues each causing unkind and aggressive attitudes in their specific society and will suggest ways to address those and share at the next joint meeting of Youth Ambassadors by around mid July 2020.

4. The National Youth Ambassadors with their National Peak body head will look to further form teams - where each country is free to look at country specific projects.

Role - Responsibilities - Expectations of the WKM - Youth Kindness Ambassador

Title : WKM Youth Ambassador - Pakistan /Sri Lanka /Malaysia/Bangladesh/India

Number: 2 Youth per country

Age : 20 – 30 years

Period of appointment : 9 months minimum - 2 years

Appreciation : WKM Youth Kindness Ambassadors will be awarded with special Appreciation letters and Certificates jointly signed by National head of the Peak body and WKM President and Gen Secretary

Role :

To Represent their nation in different forums and meetings held by WKM and contribute actively in promoting WKM and its Objectives among youth of the region.

Respsonsibilites/ Task list :

1. Projects undertaken by respective countries to be regularly sent to WKM Regional Chair and then shared on WKM social media handles, thus helping increase the brand and profile of WKM.

2. Promotion of WKM Online Kindness stories/talks etc and publicise and promote the same among youth in their respective countries.

3. Assist with WKM website updation and improvements. ( if there is the talent available within 10 selected youth)

4. WKM social media handles ( Fb, Insta, Linkedin ) to be cross promote WKM to the Country and Country to WKM.

5. Organise WKM Online Panel discussions , Webinars and Workshops especially for youth and encourage youth from their respective countries to participate.

6. Create a Youth newsletter and or fb Youth group for WKM and share kindness related news from across the World on a regular basis.

7. Enrol more youth as members in their own country bodies and strengthen the National Movement.

8. Help with Creating innovative posts and videos on Kindness for WKM.

9. Help Celebrate World Kindness Day 13th Nov 2020 based on the pre decided theme , spread the word and encourage youth across all countries to participate in one simple global project.

Regional Chairperson : Mr Fayyaz Rehman – Pakistan

Numbers : 10 youth ( 5 countries )

Youth Mentor : Nirmala Mehendale

Schedule : Youth appointments in place by 3rd July 20 / First Introductory Regional meeting with WKM Country heads and Youth on Saturday 4th July’20

Applications to be forwarded to [email protected]