About us


Saving one Life at a time through


It all started when I met a gentleman by the name of Michael Lloyd White, in Sydney in 2012 who introduced me to the World Kindness movement (WKM). Though my dear friend Sanath Perera & I always wanted to start this movement in Sri Lanka, we couldn’t as I was suffering from severe depression.

It was early 2019 when I received an invitation, from the Secretary General of the WKM Mr. Stephen Oke, to attend the WKM General Assembly. I accepted this immediately!

Kevin Rasquinho, my friend from primary school, & I attended the 10th General Assembly of the WKM which was held in Lugano Switzerland where we met Cristina Milan the President of the WKM and her team. Seeing her kindness and commitment to spread kindness in the world, we were so motivated to be a part of this global movement which has 28 countries in their fold.

I was humbled and honoured to be asked to make a presentation at the 10th General Assembly of WKM. My presentation was titled Saving one Life at a time through Kindness

Kindness Triangle to Save a Life

Kindness Triangle to Save a life was introduced by the founder president of World Kindness Sri Lanka when he made the presentation at the 10th General Assembly in Switzerland.

Based on his real life experience of how he fought depression and suicidal ideation, he introduced this important connection based on kindness, that will help people to live, fight and overcome depression.

Our Mission

Our objective is to build a kinder society in Sri Lanka. Starting with schools, then moving to universities, work places (public & private sectors) and the general society we will strive to promote a “Kindness Culture” in our beautiful nation.

Our Vision

To inspire every Sri Lankan citizen to embrace kindness.

Our Commitment

UN's 17 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS; World Kindness Sri Lanka is committed to achieving united nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals in Sri Lanka.